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Guillaume Maillard Column


  A b o u t :: All about our roots

››» History
Guillaume Maillard founded the project on July of 2001 with a vision of re- creating a similar user experience Operating System like BeOS, known as "The Multimedia OS" for everyone. BeOS was well-known for your very clean Object- Oriented API design and specially optimized for speed, stability, responsiveness, efficiency, ease of use, and symmetric multiprocessing.

››» Mission
To success after BeOS, our passion, dedication, and vision is to re-create a rich multimedia, network friendly, and Internet ready modern Operating System that will support the latest hardware and technologies and will be source compatible with Linux and BeOS.
The keywords for a great success are:
Fast Fast Boot, low latency, responsive user interface, fast network stack...
Stable Stable kernel and UI. Even if something crashes, users don't have to reboot.
Easy Nice UI for users, and a powerful development platform for developers. Easy installation and update.
Modern Technologies Multiprocessor support, a complete networking layer, Java, hardware 3D accelerated...
Portable To support new hardware capabilities and platforms...
Localized A good OS has to speak your language.


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