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Our busy developers will try to find time to release something to public. Feel free to test and report us your notes, and, of course, your comments and suggestions. Send your feedbacks to Guillaume Maillard.

››» Binaries
Our Binaries binaries are licensed under BlueEyedOS license.
BlueEyedOS Demo CD:
Before a complete reading of the text below, choose a download location:
http://www.alu.hr/~zblace/ProBe/downloads/bluecd.iso [NORMAL][CROATIA]
http://softkid.nerim.net/bluecd.iso [FRENCH ONLY]
http://blueos.spb.ru/iso/bluecd.iso [FAST][RUSSIA]
http://w3.thing.net/~zeljko/bluecd.iso [FAST][USA]
http://signal.fearmuffs.net/bluecd.iso [FAST]
http://landar.homeip.net/bluecd.iso [NORMAL]
http://www.beforever.com/iso/bluecd.iso [FAST] [Omaha, NE]
http://jocose.org/binaries/bluecd.iso [NORMAL] [St. Paul, MN]
http://www.lowbud.com/~robert/bluecd.iso [NORMAL]
http://www.ljudmila.org/~luka/blueyed/bluecd.iso [NORMAL]
ftp://bekrage.net/ISO/blueeyedos/bluecd.iso [NORMAL]
http://signal.fearmuffs.net/bluecd.iso.torrent [bit-torrent]

Mirrors Down:
max bandwidth reached (more than 1000 downloads of the iso file)


This iso CD file contains a full featured linux kernel, with tons of drivers and an automatic configuration. XFree86 is in charge of the rendering and will set a 1024x768 32bits screen at 75Hz if possible.
The boot is extremly slow, due to the autoconfiguration and the compressed filesystem. What's more, we had to add some pauses in order to synchronise the different stages of the demo.
At start: You will see an autoconfiguration of the system, it will display your configuration and the used drivers. After some seconds, the graphic display will appear (a X cursor).
First Part: You will see an old version of our native window managing system, click on the screen to add some windows. The CPU usage will show you that on a decent computer with correct drivers, the CPU consumption is very low (<5%) and the responsiviness very high.
Click on the bottom right to end this part.
Second Part: This part is technically the more interesting, it shows a BeOS like approach of the OS. The app_server starts and 2 recompiled BeOS apps are launched (delays were added to show you that when your CD-ROM led will blink during 1/4s an application will instantly be launched).
These 2 apps are:
> BePuyo: a fun game, use your arrow keys to play.
> BasicButton: a small test app which uses a button and some graphics components.
The app_server is running in the X11 mode, it means, that it uses a real X11 window manager. This app_server is able to render everything in our native windowing system, but due to a lack of time, we preffered to use the X11 rendering mode. (this mode has a well known bug which makes some redraws fail until you move a new window on top of it, this bug comes from the new app_server architecture, it will be fixed soon). If you are curious, you can look at the files contained on the CD, do a 'CTRL+ALT+F1'and go to /KNOPPIX/mnt/test/be. You will see that the code was not compiled with compiler optimizations and that the footprint is very small (the drivers are about 90% of the CD content).

kernel_server: Beta 1 - This package contains our kernel_server + libroot.so that is an small server for Linux kernel in order to provide BeOS APIs to it. 70 kb

››» Sources
And have source-codes, in order to view our "secrets" too. Sources are licensed under BlueEyedOS license.
None Nothing avaliable to download.


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